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Passportforpets is located near London's Heathrow Airport, but we manage UK cat exports through most other UK airports as well.   In an ideal situation, you should consider organising your cat's travel around 3 months ahead of departure but in many cases we know this simply isn't possible.   No worries, contact us as soon as you are aware of the need to transport your cat and we'll do our very best to meet a tight deadline, this really is nothing new to us!

We do our very best to minimise any stress and discomfort your cat may be feeling in the run up to departure.   If your cat is going to travel in the hold of an aircraft, it's always best to get them settled in their kennel well ahead of time prior to us taking them to the airline boarding facility.   Some airlines do allow small dogs and cats to travel as cabin baggage (mainly on internal flights) but it very much depends upon the airline and most airlines make an additional charge.   Flying your pet in the hold is perfectly safe and they will have more space in a kennel which is strapped down in a pressurised, air conditioned compartment.   When the hold is closed the internal lights are dimmed and most pets simply settle down and sleep for the duration of the journey.   Direct flights are always the best choice for your pet's journey although in some cases it is necessary to stop for refueling, or customs clearance at a destination hub, before traveling on.   We will advise on all arrangements once we know your plans but you should be aware that the rules vary greatly, depending upon your destination.

We work with a network of worldwide agents and can offer you a door to door cat export service if required.   With all international cat transport, correct documentation is essential and passportforpets guarantees the validity of such paperwork.

The first step in the cat export process is to get a quote from us.   Please do this by completing our online quotation form by clicking on the "Get Pet Travel Quote" button above.  If you have any questions or concerns then please do telephone our FREEPHONE number and one of our team will be very pleased to help.

We look forward to providing your cat's transport to your new home in the near future.

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