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Shipping your cat abroad

For over 40 years we have been managing cat shipping to worldwide destinations by air. All pets are sensitive to a change in their environment so we try and make your cat as comfortable as is possible during a long flight as this is important for their wellbeing. Our extensive experience ensures a trouble free cat relocation. If your pet has to travel in the cargo hold of a plane then rest assured that they will be in a pressurised environment (just as the passenger cabin) that is temperature controlled by the pilot.

A cat that doesn't want to be left behind
If you would like a quotation to ship your cat to any country then please take a moment to complete our online quotation form (click on the 'Request A Quote Now' button above). When you receive our quote please feel free to contact the staff member who issued the quote and ask any questions that you may have. Different countries have differing regulations regarding cat import but we will let you know all requirtements well ahead of the date of travel.

As we said above we take the welfare of your cat very seriously which is why we are approved by IPATA which is the International Pet and Animal Transportation Association. Membership of IPATA is carefully regulated and only open to professional, experienced Pet Shippers. A no obligation quote from us is totally free.

Two cats that don't want to be left behind We also offer a dor-to-dor shipping service and if you use this we will collect your cat from your UK address and then deliver it to you at your remote address, safe and sound! If you have two cats that have been together for some time then it may well be possible for them to travel together as some airlines do allow this, but some don't.

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"I have got to congratulate you and all your team, for the wonderful job regarding the paperwork that you'll did. The Australian quarantine were highly impressed and gave it a 10/10.

Once again THANK YOU for taking care of Smokey, who is not only a pet but a very special member of our family"