Shipping Pets To Cyprus

Shipping to Cyprus from UK, the following details pet entry into Cyprus from Great Britain.
The steps below must be followed to be compliant with current EU requirements.

1.  Your pet has been implanted with an electronic microchip (if not you will need to get this done).

2.  Rabies Vaccination - This must be given at least 21 days prior to export.  This can be shown in a vaccine card or on a rabies vaccination certificate obtained from your vet.

3.  Completion of AHC (Animal Health Certificate for entry into the EU) by your Vet within 10 days prior to departure. An alternative health certificate is required should your pet be travelling unaccompanied (commercial health certificate). Ask our friendly staff for advice on this.

4.  Additionally further information can be found at:

Over the many years we have been transporting pets by air, pet shipping to Cyprus has been a common customer requirement.  We can make all arrangements for you and ensure that your pet has all the correct paperwork to travel.  Get in touch and we'll be pleased to provide a very competitive quote along with a complete pet travel to Cyprus plan.

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