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Transporting a dog to the USA

Relocate your dog to USA with an IPATA registered and approved USA dog shipper such as Airsupply Shipping Agents (  You know your dog relies on you to make the best decisions about their welfare and we follow the strict operating code laid down by IPATA.  These rules are designed to ensure that your dog is not unduly stressed by the travel and that they arrive in the US in good condition.  However, we have been shipping dogs to the USA for over 30 years and we actually go beyond IPATA guidelines because we want both happy pets AND owners! Our pet shipping business continues to expand and we can only achieve this through happy customers who recommend our services to others.

your dog has been in the UK for 6 months or more.  We strongly recommend that your pet is vaccinated against rabies more than 30 days prior to departure, this is the advice that we have received from the USDA vets. Should you choose not to vaccinate your pet, you must provide written or oral confirmation that your pet has resided in the UK for at least 6 months. Whilst the CDC (US authority on pet imports) does not require your dog to have a certificate of general health MOST AIRLINES DO REQUIRE THIS before they will alow your pet to board an aircraft. Hence, your pet will need a fit to fly certificate from a vet within 10 days prior to departure

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