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Shipping Pets To Hong Kong

Hong Kong Pet Shipping - summary information and requirements for the importation of cats and dogs.

It is a requirement that cats and dogs are shipped as manifest cargo and not as excess baggage.

Animals must be shipped in IATA approved transit kennels that allow the animal to stand up without touching the top of the box, lie down and turn around.

Cats and dogs not traveling direct by air to Hong Kong may be expected to undergo a full six months detention in quarantine. Animals arriving without the correct certification will be detained in quarantine until either the correct certification is obtained or the expiry of 4 to 6 calendar months.

All pets entering Hong Kong must be micro chipped – please make sure the microchip is an AVID chip.

Animals must be accompanied by the following paperwork:

A.  An Import/Special Permit obtained from the senior Veterinary Officer in Hong Kong.

B.  An Official Export Health Certificate signed by an LVI within 14 days of the flight (this must be applied for from DEFRA - please contact us for your local DEFRA office telephone number).

C.  For cats, vaccination certificates for feline enteritis, feline panleucopaenia (infectious enteritis) and feline respiratory Disease Complex (cat Flu) showing vaccination at least 10 days before the flight and not more than 12 months beforehand.

D.  For dogs, vaccination certificates for distemper, infectious hepatitis and canine parvovirus (D,H,P) showing vaccination at least 10 days before the flight and not more than 12 months beforehand.

The full set of requirements must be obtained from your local Animal Health Divisional Office - please contact us for your local APHA office telephone number.

Should the import permit show any other requirements then these must also be adhered to.

Last updated 31/12/2019

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