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If you need International Pet Transportation then contact us today and we'll almost certainly give you the best quote plus a lot of insight into the pet shipping arrangements.   We have been managing the international shipment of pets by air for over 40 years and over this time have just about transported any animal (or reptile) you can think of.

All owners want to be sure their pets will travel with the least amount of stress and also with the correct paperwork (most essential) so that there are minimal delays at both departure and arrival.   Different countries have various regulations which sometimes depend upon the country of departure and also the pet's immediate history. When you use our pet transportation service we will make all arrangements with the airline (you will probably be on the same flight so we need your flight details) and we ensure your pet boards the plane in appropriately sized IATA approved kennel, or carrier.

Your pet will need a pet passport which is essential for international pet movements these days and this will (in almost all cases) mean you pet will not have to suffer quarantine in the destination country.   It also means that should you return to the UK it will also be an easy matter to import your pet on your return journey. If possible you should always plan international pet travel well ahead of your trip as this will allow for veterinary procedures and full recovery from vaccinations before the time of travel.   It is never a good idea for your pet to undergo a flight whilst suffering the after effects of any inoculation.   You will also probably require a certificate that states that any vaccination has taken and as such there should be at least 3-4 weeks interval between vaccination and testing prior to travelling.

We understand that when moving abroad there are a great deal of things you need to arrange and organise so why not use our pet shipping service and have one less worry to deal with?

Please click on the "Get Pet Travel Quote" button (above left) to get the process started.   Should you have any immediate questions or need to make arrangements quickly then please do give one of our very friendly staff a call on 0800-137-321 (or international +44-1753-689365) and we'll be pleased to help.

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