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Moving Pets Abroad

Many people worry about moving pets abroad and we fully understand this which is why we endeavour to make the whole process as stress free as possible for both you and your pet.  We have many years experience of shipping pets worldwide so we fully understand that pet owners need all the information about their pet's relocation so that they can satisfy themselves that their beloved pet will be well looked after during their travel.

You may well be surprised at how many people take their animals abroad with them but, if you are moving to a job abroad or emigrating then most people will want to take their take their pets with them.  The best advice we can offer is (if at all possible) to plan your pet's travel well ahead of time.  This will allow time for any necessary vaccinations to be administered well before the date of travel so when it comes to the departure day your pet is feeling well and in good health.  For long haul flights it is also a good idea to familiarise your pet with the travel kennel they will be housed in for the duration of the flight.  These kennels include water bowls and a funnel for filling and are of a size that is approved by IATA and IPATA (an organisation that we are a member of that is specifically concerned with the welfare of pets whilst they are in transit) so your pet will be comfortable during their journey.

The UK is rabies free and so some countries do not require that your pet goes into quarantine if they have been living in the UK for certain amount of time prior to the date of travel.  However, correct paperwork and pre-planning are a must for an uneventful pet relocation.  We can advise you about all issues and the best way of providing all the information we need is to request a quote from us by clicking on the button on the top left hand of this screen.  Some airlines will only allow pets in the hold of an aircraft if a professional pet travel agent (such as ourselves)is managing the end to end flight arrangements.  They do this because they do not want any delays, or additional passenger workload caused through the transportation of a pet.

Moving pets abroad need not be stressful, just give us a call or complete our online quotation request (click the 'Get Pet Travel Quote' button above, left) and we'll start the process to get your pet to their new home, safe and sound!

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