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Pet Export is what we do as the UK's leading pet shipper to most worldwide destinations. So yes, you can describe us as a Pet Exporter but in fact our business is about the safe transportation of your pet from one country to another. Primarily, most of our business is about shipping dogs, cats and other domestic pets out of UK airports but we also have a global network of agents with whom we work to make all pet travel arrangements on behalf of our clients. Our staff are very knowledgeable and can offer friendly advice to any pet owner contemplating shipping their pet abroad.

We have been in the pet exporting business for over 30 years and as such have a wealth of experience in this field. Most pets, especially dogs, can get stressed when in an unfamiliar environment and for this reason it is important for their well being to minimise the stress they may feel. Sedating a dog for example is not a good idea because they might asphyxiate at the 5,000 feet altitude that most passenger cabins and aircraft holds are pressurised to during a flight. These days it is quite common for pets to be shipped in aircraft holds which are also temperature controlled by the cockpit systems.

As with all logistical activities sometimes things don't run to plan and this can be for a whole host of reasons, perhaps you, or your pet has a problem and travel needs to be postponed, or schedules altered.  Perhaps there's industrial action or weather issues and flights get delayed but in all circumstances you need to know that your pet is safe and that there's someone you can call to immediately provide information and advice.  It is for this reason that when you use our services you will be working with a nominated member of our staff who will be totally familiar with your pet's travel arrangements and as such can provide any updates, or help with changes to your plans.  We very much provide a personal service and will do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction because not only do we want you to be happy (and your pet), but clearly we would like you to recommend us to others and of course use our services again at some future stage.

On this web site you will find a wealth of information about veterinary procedures and other documentation required by many countries. However, whilst we make every effort to maintain this site information as up to date as we can, please do contact us for the very latest information.

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