Pet Shipping Services


Airline Delivery

If departing from Heathrow we offer a free delivery from our offices to the relevant airlines handling agents.  Your pet needs to be delivered into the airline 4 hours prior to departure.

On meeting you we will check we have the correct paperwork & the kennel is the correct size for your pet to travel in.

If not departing from Heathrow Airport, we will have had the kennel & shipping paperwork delivered to the airline handling agent at the departing airport so it's ready for when you arrive.


Custom Kennels

Whilst we always keep a large stock of kennels sometimes it is necessary to make a custom kennel which we will undertake.

Clearly, the correct size kennel is vital for your pet to be comfortable throughout their journey and this is why we request that you provide pet measurements when requesting a pet shipping quotation..

Please be aware that the normal lead time on a custom kennel is around a week so it is always a good idea to make all arrangements in good time for the planned departure date.


Pet Boarding

We have Kennels & Cattery facilities near our Heathrow offices.  Our staff are at these facilities several times a day so all pets that stay with us get checked on by us personally, at least once per day.

Both the cattery and kennel boarding have internal area's that are heated for your pet's comfort whilst sleeping and eating.

If you need extended boarding we will be pleased to assist you with any requirement and also discuss additional exercise routines with you.


Dog Walking & Grooming

All dogs that we board have access to an outside exercise area but as an additional service we offer daily walking nearby to our boarding facility.  Normally, dogs board with us overnight, prior to departure so additional walking is not required.  However, if your pet is with us for a few days then a daily walk can make a significant difference to your pet's disposition during the boarding period.

Want to spruce up your pet and give them a treat prior to their journey?  Whilst not part of our standard service, we do offer a range of grooming treatments so if this is of interest then please do discuss this with your Passportforpets pet travel coordinator.



We have an arrangement with a local vet who visits our premises to provide "Fit to Fly Certificates" and to carry out any treatments that are required by your pet's destination country.  Your pet travel coordinator who has been designated to look after your pet whilst in our care, will always be present during any treatments.  No treatments are carried out without the pet owners knowledge and permission and we fully discuss the necessity of all, or any treatments, as part of your pet's shipping experience.

Should any emergency arise whilst your pet is in our care then we will immediately inform you and with your permission contact our Vet to attend as required.



It is vital that your pet travels with the correct documentation because without this you could be charged substantial sums by the importing authority who may also insist that your pet is returned to the airport of departure.

Authorities can insist that your pet is boarded at a local facility until the correct paperwork is provided and you will be charged for such services by these authorities.  In extreme cases where a pet owner refuses to pay for a return flight or local boarding, your pet may be destroyed.

It really is not worth taking a risk with your pet's arrival welfare, the correct paperwork will speed their airport departure to a quarantine facility or indeed collection by you (or your agent).

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