Pet Shipping to UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Pet transport to UAE - Summary information and requirements for the importation of cats and dogs into the United Arab Emirates.



An Import Permit obtained from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, Animal Wealth Department, PO Box 1509 Dubai, UAE. Their Tel Number is 009714 2148444. Fax Number is 009714 2655822.


A rabies vaccination is required for all cats and dogs. This must be administered not less than 21 days beforehand.


An Official Export Health Certificate issued by DEFRA and certified by an LVI (DEFRA approved Local Veterinary Inspector) not more than 7 days before travel. To this, please attach:


The official certificate(s) of rabies vaccination.


A declaration for Dogs (Stating the Dog is not one of the following Breeds [including  crosses of these breeds]:

Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Janapese Tosa(Tosa Unu & Tosa Fighting Dog), Argentinean Fighting Dog (Dogo Argentio & Argentinean Mastiff), Brazilian Fighting Dog (Fila Brasileiro & Brazilian Mastiff), Wolf/Dog Hybrid (any dog crossed with a wolf), american Stafforshire Terrier.

For both Dogs/Cats to confirm they are more than 4 months of age at the time of Export.


Any other vaccination records.


Microchip details


Dogs must be vaccinated against the following- most recent vaccination being within 12 months of export:    Canine Distemper, Canine Parvovirus, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, Leptospirosis (DHPPiL)


Cats must be vaccinated against the following - most recent vaccination being within 12 months of export:    Feline Pan Leukcopenia, Feline Rhinorachitis, Feline Cavicivirus

The full set of requirements must be obtained from your local Animal Health Divisional Office, please contact us for your local DEFRA telephone number. Please also ask for a specimen copy of the Export Health Certificate.

There is no official quarantine for cats and dogs entering UAE from the United Kingdom.

There are restrictions on certain breeds of dog. Please check that your animal is not in one of these categories.

Microchipping your pet is now a requirement.

Animals must be shipped in containers built to IATA specifications which are the correct size for them i.e. they must be large enough for the animal to stand up without touching the top of the box, lie down comfortably and be able to turn round within the box. There must also be a fixed water container inside the container with a means of filling it from the outside (funnel).

If you supply us with the measurements of your pet(s) we can build Kennels to comply with the IATA regulations (wood frame, plywood sides, wire mesh front) to fit.  

Last updated 25.09.2015  

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"I have got to congratulate you and all your team, for the wonderful job regarding the paperwork that you'll did. The Australian quarantine were highly impressed and gave it a 10/10.

Once again THANK YOU for taking care of Smokey, who is not only a pet but a very special member of our family"