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Welcome to Passport For Pets, shipping your cat to, dog to or pet to worldwide destinations by air is what we do. We are the leading UK pet relocation specialist and as such are devoted to the safety and welfare of all animals whilst in our care.  Need information about a Pet Passport? Just click on the Pet Travel Scheme button for details.

Our caring staff are always on hand to help and advise about the movement of your family's best friend(s) to a remote destination.

We cater for the shipment of virtually all pets including any species of animal, reptile or insect (but mostly a dog or cat), with a service second to none. If you would like a quotation to ship your dog to, cat to, or other pet to any country then please take a moment to complete our online quotation form (click on the 'Request a Quote' link above). We will remove the stress of trying to sort out the minefield of paperwork for you. Our pet export department has in excess of 40 years experience in the industry, shipping dogs to, cats to, rabbits to (and the smallest spider up to the biggest rhinoceros) far away destinations. Our transit kennels are built specifically to the dimensions of your pet or animal.

Thank you for your interest in Passport For Pets – We look forward to helping you and your dog / cat / other pet or animal, into your new home.

For information on the Pet Travel Scheme and moving to E.U Countries please follow this link to the EU/PET TRAVEL web page.

Don't forget, to request a pet transport quotation please click on the 'Request A Quote' button above.  This form has been designed to provide us with all the information we need to provide your pet shipping quotation so we'd be grateful if you would use it.  However, if you have any questions or a query not addressed on this website then please do feel free to call our free-phone number (above), it comes straight through to us.

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Perhaps it's some other pet to USA you need to ship, no problem. We have 40 years experience of shipping all kinds of pets so wherever you want to ship them, we can help!

Airsupply Shipping Agents ( is an  IPATA Registered pet shipper, sometimes referred to as a pet courier

As a courtesy we provide links below to the relevant UK, Australian & New Zealand Government Departments or Agencies. These sites provide current details about the inoculation requirements for your dog / cat or other animal, when taking your pet to those countries.

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"the dogs flew from Heathrow to Calgary and I honestly won't be choosing any other company to help me with their travel now, passport for pets have you covered. They're kind and caring, they love what they do, and they understand how nerveracking and scary it is for both pets and pet owners. Highly recommend!!!"
Katie Carter (TrustPilot Review).
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Why use passportforpets?
We really do care for your pets like they're our own
We can ship from all airports that accept pet travel
We use custom equipped vehicles to carry pets
We are a pet shipper with over 40 years experience
Recommended by the Airlines - Iberia, Thai, British Airways, Air Malta & others