Pets Travelling to/from one home to another

Example: pet travel uk to usa

For pet relocation or longer term holidays, many pet owners want their pets to travel with them because after all, their pet is part of the family. These days pet travel on an aircraft is commonplace, but you do need to know the correct procedures for both departure and arrival, as well as having the correct documentation for your destination. Different countries have different regulations and it may be that your pet will also have to stay in quarantine for a period of time. The USA (with the exception of Hawaii and the territory of Guam), Canada, Mexico and most of Europe do not require quarantine, which makes pet travelling much easier. Talk to us and we'll let you know what arrangements need to be made, along with any required veterinary procedures for your destination.

Ideally, for any airline pet travel, you should plan around 3 months ahead so that any vaccinations can be completed early. You want your pet to be feeling fit and healthy for their flight and, with planning, this issue can be eliminated. A number of countries will require a period of quarantine for a short period upon entry (usually around 10 days); for example Australia and New Zealand.


We ship pets as cargo, meaning your pet (dog or cat) will travel in the livestock compartment of an aircraft hold. These spaces are pressurised, temperature controlled and all kennels are tied down to stop movement. These compartments are dimly lit during flight so most pets will simply sleep for the duration of the journey. If you use our services to arrange your pet's travel, we will provide all required airline documentation (for example the Air WayBill), deliver your pet to the airline loading bay and we'll make sure you know how to retrieve your pet upon destination arrival. Should you not be travelling on the same plane (or perhaps not even on the same day) as your pet, we can offer boarding arrangements as part of your pet's travel plan.

With many pet relocations we can offer a door to door service where we will collect your pet from a starting address, manage your pets transit through the air shipping process and then deliver your pet to whatever final address you designate. This service does cost more but it is totally worry free for the pet owner.

Whatever your pet travel requirement is, we hope you'll contact us for a quote (click on the 'Get Quote' button above), or call us and we will be happy to answer all questions you may have.

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