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We know that on some websites contact information can be hard to find but not so with us, WE welcome all customer contact!


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To call us within the UK you may use our toll free number of: 0800-137-321 If you're calling from outside the UK then our number is: +44-1753-689365

Our Office Location

Passport for pets (Airsupply Shipping Agents), 5 Lakeside Industrial Estate, Colnbrook Road, Colnbrook, Slough SL3 0ED, UK

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Our Mission

Our goal is to: Carry out the pet shipping process competently, answering all owner concerns and most importantly, keeping their pet safe and as relaxed as possible whilst they are in our care.

  • To carefully plan all pet veterinary treatments, create all required documentation and ensure all pet movements happen ontime and as planned.
  • Our primary aim being happy pets and owners!