Pet Export (Cats, Dogs or Most Domestic Pets)

Pet Export is what we do as the UK's leading pet shipper to most worldwide destinations. So yes, you can describe us as a Pet Exporter but in fact our business is about the safe transportation of your pet from one country to another.

Primarily, most of our business is about shipping dogs, cats and other domestic pets out of UK airports but we also have a global network of agents with whom we work to make all pet travel arrangements on behalf of our clients. Our staff are very knowledgeable and can offer friendly advice to any pet owner contemplating shipping their pet abroad.

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We have been in the pet exporting business for over 30 years and as such have a wealth of experience in this field.

The pet will settle down, especially dogs, can get stressed when in an unfamiliar environment and for this reason it is important for their well being to minimise the stress they may feel. Sedating a dog for example is not a good idea because they might asphyxiate at the 5,000 feet altitude that most passenger cabins and aircraft holds are pressurised to during a flight. These days it is quite common for pets to be shipped in aircraft holds which are also temperature controlled by the cockpit systems.

As with all logistical activities sometimes things don't run to plan and this can be for a whole host of reasons, perhaps you, or your pet has a problem and travel needs to be postponed, or schedules altered.  Perhaps there's industrial action or weather issues and flights get delayed but in all circumstances you need to know that your pet is safe and that there's someone you can call to immediately provide information and advice.

 It is for this reason that when you use our services you will be working with a nominated member of our staff who will be totally familiar with your pet's travel arrangements and as such can provide any updates, or help with changes to your plans.  We very much provide a personal service and will do our utmost to ensure customer satisfaction because not only do we want you to be happy (and your pet), but clearly we would like you to recommend us to others and of course use our services again at some future stage.

We cater for the shipment of virtually all pets including any species of animal, be that rodents, reptiles, amphibians or even insects (but mostly a dog or cat), with a service second to none. If you are moving abroad, or emigrating and would like a quotation for pet shipping then please take a moment to complete our online quotation form (click on the 'Get Quote' button above). Our rates are highly competitive and we can provide you with a comprehensive range of services that include door to door pet shipping. Our team of knowlegeable staff can provide you will answers to all your pet shipping queries and please be aware that your pets must travel with with the correct paperwork, vaccinations and veterinery certificates. We can assist with and advise on the required paperwork- just ask! If you use our pet shipping service then we will ensure that your pet is compliant to travel to your required destination and that you are fully informed of the procedure you will need to follow to collect your pet at the other end (if you're not using our door to door pet shipping service).

We are a member of IPATA (International Pet and Animal Transportation Association) and some airlines will only carry pets if the Pet Shipping Agent is an IPATA member. Clearly, to minimise pet discomfort over the journey the crate (or pet carrier) used must be of sufficient size and also have food and drink bowls present to be IATA compliant. It is for these reasons that we ask for pet measurements on our online pet shipping quotation form so that we can ensure we provide an adequate crate in our quotation. A good sized crate or shipping kennel (in the case of dog shipping) greatly adds to the comfort of your pet whilst in transit.

Quarantine may also be required although if your animal was born in the UK and has not previously left the UK

Quarantine issues are not usually required - but check with us or review the 'Destination Requirements' section of this website.

It's always best to ensure that your pet is transported in full health so if any vaccinations are required (which is usually the case), it's best to get these out of the way well in advance of any travel. It is also vital that your pet travels in a kennel that is of a suitable size for your pet to be able to move around, especially on a long flight.

If a stop over is necessary (to change to a connecting flight for example) your pet will be taken off the aircraft and cared for at the animal facility in the transit airport, before being taken to their next flight. For this reason, adequate water is always provided in the transport kennel, and a small meal will be provided at the transit facility. Some airlines are cautious about the transport of pets and only allow them on as cargo when shipping is done through an approved IPATA or IATA registered pet shipper, which we are.

Our pet shipping service can be provided on a "door to door" basis and in this case we will collect your pet from you in the UK and deliver them to you at the detsination address, safe & sound. We are based near Heathrow where most pets are shipped from but we also provide our service through most UK airports; please contact us for information. Over the years we have shipped a very large number of pets and have received many testimonials from very happy customers who have been relieved that their pet relocation was stress free and one less worry for them. We all love our pets and we understand that with a major relocation you will have concerns, please do give us a call and we will talk over any issues that particularly concern you.

If you are planning to take your pet abroad then please do get in touch and our friendly, knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

As our 5* reviews attest, we will work with you every step of the way to make sure your pet arrives at your destination, safely and in good health.

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