Shipping Pets to Dubai

Pet transport to Dubai - Summary information and requirements for the importation of cats and dogs into the United Arab Emirates.


A. An Import Permit obtained from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Climate Change and Environment- information regarding this can be found online through the MOCCAE website. Additional health requirements laid out on the Import Permit may apply in addition to those stated below.

B. A rabies vaccination is required for all cats and dogs, but please note: there is a 21 day wait after the rabies vaccine has been administered until the pet can be exported.

C. An Official Export Health Certificate issued by APHA and certified by an OV not more than 24 hours prior to departure. To this, please attach:

i.) The official certificate(s) of rabies vaccination.

ii.) A declaration for Dogs (Stating the Dog is not one of the following Breeds [including crosses of these breeds]:

Pit Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, Janapese Tosa(Tosa Unu & Tosa Fighting Dog), Argentinean Fighting Dog (Dogo Argentio & Argentinean Mastiff), Brazilian Fighting Dog (Fila Brasileiro & Brazilian Mastiff), Wolf/Dog Hybrid (any dog crossed with a wolf), American Stafforshire Terrier.

iii.) For both Dogs/Cats to confirm they are more than 4 months of age at the time of Export.

iv.) Any other vaccination records.

v.) Microchip details

D. DHP is required for dogs

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