PassportForPets can make all pet flight arrangements to ship your pet by air from one country to another.

Based near Heathrow Airport London, where many petss arrive and leave from every day, we offer a door to door service from a UK destination to many different countries around the world. We also arrange pet trave from a number of other UK airports (see our online quotation form) and will be very happy to help you with specific requirements.

We have excellent boarding facilities should your pet require an overnight stay prior to a flight the next day which may be early. You simply drop your pet off with us and we'll take it from there and get your pet to the airline at the correct time, no matter what that may be. All pet movement are treated as 'projects' and which ever one of our staff is handling your pet's movement, all the necessary paperwork will be ready for both departure and arrival at the destination. We will also have checked that all the destination country's veterinary import requirements have been completed and the documentary evidence is included with your pet.


When pets are transported by air, they have to be kenneled in an approved IATA container that has ample food and water for their journey. If your pet will be travelling longhaul then it is a good idea to plan in an extra day or two for your pet to become accustomed to the air transport kennel prior to the flight because this reduces stress when they find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. However, we are very experienced at making pets feel as comfortable as possible prior to their journey.

We also work with a network of professional pet shipping agents in many countries and can also assist you if you require to transport your pet to, or from, non-UK start or end locations. Please do call or complete our quick enquiry form with any questions or concerns you may have.

For specific details relating to vaccination requirements and other treatments some countries stipulate for pet importations, please select your destination from the drop down menu under the "Destinations" button above. If your destination is not listed then please do simply send us a Quick Enquiry (on the form at the bottom of this page), or give our office a call- we would be more than happy to assist!