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Air Pets Shipping (Pet Air Travel)

Want to take your pet abroad and need help with your pet air travel?

dog travelling imageFlying pets on commercial airlines to worldwide destinations can be quite a challenge for pet owners who arrange their own pet shipping due to the myriad of rules and regulations laid down by airlines and destination countries.  We at provide a hassle free service which could include anything from a door to door relocation, or simply making the flight and departure airport/arrival arrangements on your behalf.  We  provide IATA approved pet shipping containers that include food and water for your pet during long flights.  We can also offer a wealth of advice concerning the best way to get your pet to its foreign destination with the least amount of stress (both for you and your pet!).

You should be aware that taking your pet abroad will usually involve some veterinary procedures and you will also require correct documentation because with it could leave you liable for significant handlings costs if your pet has to be held at the point of arrival, or has to be returned to the airport of departure.

The best way for us to advise you and also to give you an accurate cost for your pet's travel is for you to complete click the 'Get Pet Travel Quote' button above and this form provides all the information we need to give you a quotation for your pet's travel.  If you have any problems and would like to speak to our staff then please call our freephone number: 0800-137-321 (which comes directly through to us), we welcome all customer contact.

We are located near London's Heathrow Airport but regularly also fly pets out of Gatwick and other major UK airports.

You can find a great deal of information on this website about international pet travel so please do visit relevant pages but again, please do feel free to contact us if you need any additional assistance.  Clearly shipping pets by air (especially long distances) can be a very worrying experience for loving pet owners and we understand this.  However, you would be amazed at just how many pets take to the air during a normal working work.  International travel with pets is now fairly common place as people move around the world to go to a new job, or to emigrate.  We have many testimonials from grateful owners who have been relieved that their pet travel experience was not only good, but stress free!

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