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Passportforpets has been an IPATA Agent ( for many years because IPATA is the organisation dedicated to the safe worldwide transport of pets.  We cooperate with many other distant IPATA agents to ensure efficient remote handling of your pets.  We share IPATA's views on the care and welfare of all animals whilst being shipped (sometimes very long distances), from one home to a new one.

As an IPATA pet shipper for many years we have a wealth of experience shipping pets by air to a large number of worldwide destinations.   Some airlines (such as Virgin Atlantic) will only allow pet shipping on their flights through an IPATA approved agent such as Airsupply Shipping(  Clearly airlines do not have the resources to check out every pet transport operator so they rely on an organisation such as IPATA who impose a strict standard of conduct which we see as a minimum level of conduct.  Our aim is quite simple: 'to provide a safe, caring and reliable pet transport service in order to relocate pets, worldwide'.

Clearly, to minimise pet discomfort over the journey the crate (or pet carrier) must be of sufficient size and also have food and drink bowls to be IATA (International Air Transport Association) compliant (yes, we are happy to comply with all pet shipping regulators).  It is for these reasons that we ask for pet measurements on our online pet shipping quotation form so that we can ensure we provision for an adequate crate in our quotation.

This web site contains a lot of information about pet shipping to international destinations but, if you can't find the answer to a query you have then please use our Quick Enquiry form and we'll respond very quickly.

Thank you for visiting our web site and we look forward to acting as your IPATA Pet Shipping Agent very soon.  Don't forget, we welcome questions so please do get in touch!

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