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Pet Transport Abroad (dogs, cats or other pets)

PassportForPets is a specialist pet travel company with over 40 years experience of transporting dogs, cats and other pets (all types including reptiles) to worldwide destinations by air.  Based near Heathrow, where many pets arrive and leave from every day (you may be surprised at how many are in the air during any given day!), we offer a door to door service from a UK destination to many different countries around the world.

We also transport pets from a number of other UK airports (see our online quotation form) and will be very happy to help you with specific requirements.

When pets are transported by air, they have to be housed in an approved IATA container that also has provisions for water with a specified amount of space (depending upon the size of the pet).  If you are planning to ship your pet via a long air flight then it is a good idea to plan in an extra day or two for your pet to become accustomed to the air transport kennel, cage or container prior to the flight and this can reduce any stress they may otherwise feel.  However, we are very experienced at making pets feel as comfortable as possible prior to their journey.

We also work with a network of professional and caring agents in many countries and can assist you with pet transport to, and from, a non-UK start or end location.  Please do call, or complete our quick enquiry form with any questions or concerns you may have.  Our very knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you and provide all the information you need.

Please click on the "Get Pet Travel Quote" button above to get an online quote, or call the FREEPHONE number of 0800-137-321 or, if you are out of the UK the +44-1753-689-365.  We look forward to safely transporting your pet to a new location soon! 

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